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Mass1 - Liverpool, UK '19

Please listen whilst reading.

Here you will find all that you require to create your version of 'Mass'. The mass may be developed by yourself, your friends or your organisation without my input, or with my input, please get in touch if you would like for me to advise, assist or join you. The only thing I ask in return for you using the instructions below is sharing a link to the work to join the archive of masses created around the world. 



Dear future mæss-creator, the following sentences are just suggested instructions and you aren’t sentenced to following those.

Rather give them a chance.


And then

1.1. Give chance a chance.


Start from scratch because whoever you are and wherever you are and whatever you’re able to do and whenever you begin you will always have all the things necessary for your mæss.


2.2.Focus on finding rather than inventing and

Prefer channelling to producing. 


It may be helpful to decide upon a territory where the components for the mæss should be found, however this doesn’t have to necessarily be an existing place. It will determine the make-up of choir at the core of the mæss.


Minimum recommended time of either recorded or performed mæss is 7 minutes. There is no rationale for this suggestion except for the common belief that on average it takes a person 7 minutes to fall asleep, which may also mean that this is the amount of time a person requires to switch his modus operandi.


Lyrics-wise please refer to 2.2. Consider assigning one of the found lines a “chorus” function.


Before performing a mæss provide your singers with an accessible score. 

This may be a visual image or an actual place or a fragrance, constituent elements of which present in a relationship that you want your singers’ voices to have in the mæss. If using a visual image or a place, please, remember that colours may affect the way your singers will use their voices as much as the objects. If using a place as a score, please also take to consideration that air temperature and amount of light there may affect singers’ interpretation as well.

Mass1 artwork_edited.jpg

Regarding the singers with vision disabilities, provide those with either a tactile or an olfactory score, or instruct them verbally.


To sharpen your singers’ hearing during the performance you may use blindfolding. 

2 accompanying musical instruments are recommended minimum, one to define a tonal space and the other to structure time rhythmically.


While making choices regarding the tonal structure, think of a chord progression that would welcome different voices and would mind neither repeat nor rewind.



im.1.1: visual score provided to singers who performed Mæss1 on 6/11/2019 in Liverpool

The minimum suggested amount of voices to use in a mæss is 4. 

Try to find voices of various sexes and ages, but don’t try too hard. Let take part those who vocalize their wish to take part first.


Recording and editing the recorded material-wise please refer to both 1.1 and  2.2. It is advised that you record your singers individually.


Side effects may happen during any stage of the process and if they do please refer to 1.1

Please consult with your doctor before consulting with your doctor. It’s important to come back within your working process to where you’ve already been and when a comeback occurs please refer to 1.1

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