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From October 14th to November 13th I was an artist in residency at Metal Liverpool, and these kindly given to me 30 autumn days were spent on an attempt to compose, record and perform a sacred musical composition that would be related to no particular institute of faith.

«Mass» has eventually become the title of this work because strangely there are no other notions in usage that would immediately bring an association with a mostly choral piece with a «sacred»  taste to it apart from this one coming from catholic vocabulary.


The idea of making a composition that would help people experience this certain sense of beatitude from the interaction with the unknown came to me after 4 months of traveling across The Balkan Peninsula during the summer and autumn of 2018. After visiting churches and monasteries in Bulgaria and Serbia and mosques in Turkey. I became fascinated with religion’s power to involve people in rituals and conversations about the unknown regardless their backgrounds, tastes, occupation, etc.

The first Mass was performed to a live audience in Stockroom, Liverpool on November 6th 2019. The studio recording and performance video can be found in the archive.

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