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A play on Vladimir Nabokov’s final novel Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle, the female producer started fresh from her previous projects (Chkbns, Gdeto) with which she has performed across the world, including showcases at SXSW, The Great Escape, Reeperbahn, and has been awarded fellowships from The British Council, Goethe Institute and Swedish Institute, and has received praise from Louder than War for her music’s ‘lush widescreen melancholy,’ and The Quietus describing her music as ‘drenched in ghostly introspection.’ 

ada ardor carries these feelings with her, but with an urgent, and danceable vigour, creating magic realist pop music. 

Fractured poetry, found sound and melo-declamation burst out among synth-pop and eurodance patterns, both tense and uplifting - much like her name the results explore the moods in-between.

Her debut single ‘Dream Trance’ has been called “musical poetry” by IGGY magazine, France, premiered on KEXP radio’s Drive Time with Kevin Cole, and later presented by Honor Morrison on BBC Introducing. The animated video for it, created in collaboration with a visual artist le___capucin, has been selected for screening at Anti-War International Independent Film Festival and has been called “a visually stunning video … trippy and immersive experience” by PLASTIC magazine, UK, and “«...a work that transcends the boundaries of music and visual art to address profound questions about human nature» by EXTRAVA magazine, France. 'Horse' that followed, released together with a photo series portraying a woman being hit by a paper plane, has been described as "obscure with a melodic avant-garde flair ... the theme song for a pre-apocalyptic loss of innocence". Partial execution of the project has already been supported by Help Musicians UK.

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